Dr. S. Ghosal

Dr. S. Ghosal is one of the most renowned personalities in the domain of Astrology in India. He is amongst the Prominent figures with specializations in Medical Astrology & Aura Vastu. He has rich experience of more than 10 years and possesses a satisfactory clients base. He has completed his Diploma, Master Diploma in Vastu (CAMR), further he was the University Topper a Gold Medalist & completed his M.A in Medical Astrology from Ranchi University. He is also a PhD in Vastu and has done Master in Advance Vastu from Indian Institute of occult Sciences. He expertises in Nadi Astrology, KP Astrology as well as Medical Astrology field through Chakra balancing theory, Geopathic stress etc. He has acclaimed experience on Graha Shanti Puja through the knowledge of Tantra. His academic achievements along with his client exposure and jovial nature makes him stand out as one of the leading young astrologers of the country to give scientific approach to the field of Astrology in India.